Succulents Lobster Festival

A delicious opportunity to eat lobster and raise funds for Rotary in the community.


Can’t wait for June! Kids getting out of school, sunny days and summer fun ahead! And two of the most delicious and entertaining festivals of the whole year: Bathurst Rotary Ribfest and The Succulents Lobster Festival Bathurst!

Belle and Dune will be celebrating their Third Anniversary at ‘The Succulents’ Lobster Festival and invite you to attend the celebration. 
This year, The Succulents Lobster Festival will be held in Bathurst, NB, on June 28, 29 and 30th, overlooking the bay in Bathurst which was determined to be one of the top 20 vacation destinations in the World in 2019. The Bathurst Rotary Club is partnering with the 'The Succulents' lobster festival by adding a second major festival to its mission. We remind you that the Bathurst Rotary Ribfest is also celebrating its 3rd anniversary on June 21,22 and 23rd. The profits from both events will be redistributed in the community among others such as the volunteer center, food bank, youth center, Rotary Venture van, etc.

Come join us for Ribs (Turf) and a fresh maritime lobster boil (Surf) during the last two weekends of June as the lobster festival wraps up the lobster season in northern New Brunswick.

Follow Rotary Club of Bathurst on Facebook or Rotary Club of Bathurst. More news will be forthcoming from now until the end of June. If you wish to have more information, volunteer or sponsor both events please contact the event Co-Chairs.

The Succulents Lobster Festival

Isabelle Morrier 548-4868 

Ron Toivanen 548-2521