Getting to Bathurst


The Bathurst Regional Airport is about 10 minutes west of Bathurst on Highway 180 and it offers air service to Montreal with Air Canada Express. You can rent a car at the airport, or there is taxi service into town. International flights fly into Moncton, and you can either rent a car and drive to Bathurst or take the train.

There is a Via Rail station just off of Riverside Drive in Bathurst. Via Rail’s Atlantic train The Ocean stops in Bathurst twice a day, three days a week: in the morning departing from Montreal, and in the evening coming from Halifax.

Maritime Bus travels between several locations in the Maritimes and eastern Quebec, and has daily service in Bathurst. The station is located at the Sainte Anne and Evangeline corner store (400 Evangeline Drive, Bathurst, NB). Maritime Bus ( services Bathurst. You must book 24 hours ahead.  Here’s the link to the schedule:

From Quebec
The most popular route is Highway 132 East through Matapedia, down to New Brunswick, and then on to Bathurst on Highway 11 South. Travelling down the Trans-Canada from Rivière-du-Loup, through to St-Leonard, NB, up to St-Quentin on Highway 17 North, and over to Bathurst on Highway 180 East takes you directly through the Appalachian mountains – a beautiful and picturesque route.

From the US
The fastest way to Bathurst is most likely across I-95 to Woodstock, NB, and up the Trans-Canada 2 West to St-Leonard, over to St-Quentin on Highway 17 North, and across to Bathurst on Highway 180 East. However, this route has few amenities between St-Leonard and Bathurst, with the exception of St-Quentin. A less-isolated route would be taking the Trans-Canada 2 East from Woodstock to Fredericton, and then taking Highway 8 North to Bathurst.